Past Part 1 MRCOphth: 8
1. The following are true about sutures:
a. nylon breaks down in about half a year
b. vicryl is the synthetic absorbable suture made up of copolymer of glycolic acid 
    and lactic acid
c. vicryl loses its tensile strength when absorption occurs
d. dexon gives wound support for up to 28 days and absorption is complete within 
    60-90 days
e. silk gives marked tissue reaction

2. Giant cell arteritis:

a. cellular reaction directed against medial muscle cells and internal elastic membrane
b. antinuclear antibodies titres often raised
c. choroidal arteries seem to be completely exempted
d. more male is affected than female
e. occurs in majority of patients of polymyalgia rheumatica

3. Regarding penetrating keratoplasty:

a. type II histocompatibility antigens present in the Langerhans cells in the cornea
b. type I histocompatibility antigens expression is stronger in endothelial cells than 
    epithelial cells
c. persistent oedema promotes neovascularization
d. recurrence of a herpetic keratitis in graft ulceration at last graft junction
e. humoral factors are not important in graft rejection.

4. Prophylactic antibiotic is advised for patients with mitral valve disease undergoing:

a. cataract surgery
b. trabeculectomy
c. dacryocystorhinotomy
d. pterygium excision
e. drainage of eyelid abscess

5. Myopic shift occurs in:

a. nuclear sclerosis
b. use of pilocarpine
c. atropine instillation
d. retro-orbital tumour
e. use of topical beta-blocker

6. Regarding anatomy of the extraocular muscle:

a. inferior oblique insertion is behind inferior rectus
b. inferior rectus insertion is 6.5mm behind the limbus
c. the superior oblique muscle receives its motor nerve from its undersurface
d. vortex vein is found between the superior rectus and superior oblique angle
e. in thyroid eye disease, the lateral rectus is the most commonly involved 

7. Regarding pleomorphic adenoma of the lacrimal gland:

a. it is a benign condition
b. it causes downward and medial displacement of the globe
c. it is covered by a true capsule
d. pain is a prominent feature
e. the lesion should be biopsied before excision is carried out to determine its nature

8. The following structures do not regenerate:

a. corneal endothelium
b. retinal pigment epithelium
c. astrocytes
d. Bowman's membrane
e. ganglion cells

9. The following arise from the neural crest cells:

a. corneal epithelium
b. corneal endothelium
c. uveal melanocytes
d. retinal vessel endothelium
e. retinal pigmented epithelium

10. Structures that contain fifth cranial nerve fibre include:

a. otic ganglion
b. geniculate ganglion
c. trigeminal ganglion
d. ciliary ganglion
e. sphenopalatine ganglion
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