Past Part 1 MRCOphth: 4
1. Abnormal colour vision may be in patients on treatment with:
a. digitalis
b. chloroquine
c. gold
d. indomethacin
e. isoniazid

2. Autosomal dominant inheritance is seen in:
a. homocystinuria
b. Marfan's syndrome
c. Fabry's disease
d. dystrophia myotonica
e. Best's macular dystrophy

3. X-linked inheritance is seen in:
a. tritanopia
b. deuternomaly
c. oculocutaneous albinsim
d. choroideremia
e. histiocytosis X

4. The refractive index of the following exceed that of the cornea:
a. crystalline lens cortex
b. crystalline lens nucleus
c. aqueous humour
d. vitreous humour
e. crown glass

5. Light:
a. may be absorbed by the normal human lens
b. rays may be deviated by collagen fibres of the cornea
c. composed of waves exactly in phase is termed polarized
d. of one pure wavelength is termed collimated
e. diffraction is caused by the cornea

6. The following statements about standard deviation are true:
a. standard deviation of  sample is the same as population standard deviation
b. standard deviation equals the square of the variance
c. 95% of observations lie within one standard deviation of the mean
d. the standard deviation depends on the number of observations
e. the standard deviation always has a positive value

7. The following are true:
a. the larger the sample size, the greater the standard error
b. a value of p<0.01 is less significant than p>.01
c. data which is non-parametric is assumed to be normally distributed
d. in a t-test, the null hypothesis is assumed in all cases
e. in a normal distribution, the mean, mode and median are equal in value.

8. In the chi squared test:
a. the value of chi-square may be negative
b. the higher the chi-square value, the greater the significance
c. the null hypothesis is assumed in all cases
d. the difference between observed and expected frequencies is measured
e. p<0.05 is conventionally accepted as significance

9. The following are true about neurofibromatosis:
a. it is an autosomal dominant condition
b. auxillary freckles are pathognomonic
c. pulsatile proptosis is a feature
d. iris nodules called Lisch's nodules are composed of naevi
e. cafe au lait spot may be the only sign

10. Oculocardiac reflex:
a. occurs at any age
b. manifests as tachycardiac and high blood pressure
c. is a response to extraocular muscle traction
d. the efferent pathway is via third nerve
e. premedication with atropine can abolish the reflex

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