Test 198  (Ocular anatomy)
1. Muscles that depress the eyebrows include:
a. frontalis

b. orbicularis oculi

c. procerus

d. corrugator supercilii

e. depressor supercilii


2. The temporal artery:

a. is a branch of the internal carotid artery

b. runs on the surface of the deep fascia

c. runs under the zygomatic arc on its way to the scalp

d. is in close relation to the auriculotemporal nerve in
    front of the ear

e. may provide significant blood supply to the intracranial 


3. True statements about the eyelashes include:
a. they are longer in the upper than the lower lid

b. they are usually darker than the hair of the scalp

c. they are renewed every six weeks

d. hyperpigmentation of the eyelashes is seen in 
    topical latanoprost use

e. excessive growth is seen in AIDS patients

. 4. Whitnall's superior transverse ligament:
a. limits posterior displacement of the muscle with 

b. acts as a sling for the levator muscle

c. when attenuated with age may contribute to ptosis

d. is important in the suspension of the levator muscle

e. joins the trochlear fascia medially

5. With regard to the lacrimal gland:

a. the palpebral part is larger than the orbital part

b. both palpebral and orbital portions have ductules that 
    open separately into the conjunctiva

c. the ductules open into the conjunctiva at the upper 
    border of the upper tarsus

d. biopsy of the orbital part is more likely to impair tear 
    production than biopsy of the palpebral part

e. lacks a true capsule

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