Test 195  (Ocular anatomy)
1. The optic nerve:
a. contains no neuronal cell bodies

b. contains no interneurones

c. contains microglial cells which act as resident 

d. contains astrocytes that regulate extracellular potassium

e. contains oligodendrocytes that are responsible for 
    axonal myelination


2. The following are true about the optic chiasm:

a. axons nasal to the optic disc decussate at the chiasm

b. in normal population 47% of the optic nerve fibres 
    decussate at the chiasm

c. decussation of the optic nerve fibres is increased in 

d. it is situated beneath the third ventricle

e. a post-fixed optic chiasm is one in which the pituitary 
    gland is anterior to it


3. The muscle of Riolan:
a. is a smooth muscle

b. is the most posteriorly placed orbicularis oculi along 
    the eyelid margin

c. courses the length of the eyelid

d. represents the gray line seen clinically

e. contracts during blinking and shorten the canaliculus 

. 4. The meibomian gland:
a. drains into a central ductule that opens in the 
    mucocutaneous junction

b. secretion increases with age

c. secretes a mixture of lipids that has a melting point of

d. production is increased with application of topical 

e. dysfunction is best measured with Schirmer's test

5. The inner plexiform layer contains the following cells:

a. photoreceptors

b. Müller cells

c. ganglion cells

d. bipolar cells

e. amacrine cells

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