Test 194  (Ocular anatomy)
1. The cavernous sinus receives blood directly from::
a. internal jugular vein

b. sigmoid sinus

c. superior ophthalmic vein

d. inferior ophthalmic vein

e. sphenoparietal sinus


2. Structures that are anterior to the meibomian glands include:

a. glands of Zeis

b. glands of Moll

c. Wolfring glands

d. Muscle of Riolan

e. glands of Krause


3. The fovea:
a. is the thickest part of the retina

b. has the same diameter as the optic disc

c. is temporal and slightly inferior to the optic disc

d. has no rods

e. contains cones with a peak density of about 

. 4. The cilioretinal artery:
a. is found in 30% of the population

b. supplies the papillomacular fibres

c. arises from the long ciliary artery

d. is filled early during fluorescein angiography before 
    the retinal artery

e. accounts for macular sparing in patients with central 
    retinal artery occlusion

5. True statements about the photoreceptors include:

a. the nasal retina contains more cones than the temporal 

b. cones are absent outside the macula

c. the highest density of rods are found in the superior 
    retina at eccentricities of 4 to 6 mm

d. the cones are larger in the fovea than in the peripheral 

e. blue-sensitive cones are fewer in number than red or 
    green-sensitive cones

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