Test 187  (Pharmacology)
1. Hypokalaemia occurs with the following drugs:
a. foscarnet

b. aciclovir

c. amphotericin B

d. carbonic anhydrase inhibitors 

e. itraconazole


2. Tetracycline:

a. directly inhibits DNA synthesis in bacteria

b. crosses the placenta and accumulates in foetal skeleton

c. is useful in corneal melt because it has anticollagenase 

d. is absorbed mainly through the stomach

e. has longer half lives than doxycycline


3. The following pupils can be constricted with 1% pilocarpine:
a. Adie's pupil

b. Horner's pupil

c. Complete third nerve palsy

d. Argyll-Robertson's pupil

e. Marcus-Gunn pupil

. 4. The following drugs affect the pupil size without affecting the 
      accommodation of the lens:
a. phenylepherine

b. tropicamide

c. ecothiopate

d. thymoxamine

e. cocaine

5. Thymoxamine:

a. can be used to reverse mydriasis caused by 

b. causes transient hyperaemia of the conjunctiva

c. causes miosis in normal people and decreased
    intraocular pressure

d. causes lid retraction in normal population

e. can be used to differentiate angle-closure glaucoma 
    from open-angle glaucoma

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