Test 182  (Ocular anatomy)
1. The following are true about the trigeminal nerve: 
a. it is a pure sensory nerve
b. the trigeminal ganglion contains cell bodies of the 
    trigeminal nerve

c. the main sensory nucleus receives fibres subserving 
    pain and temperature

d. the spinal nucleus receives fibres subserving touch and 

e. the sensory fibres of the ophthalmic nerve enters the 
    inferior part of the spinal nucleus

2. In the cavernous sinus:

a. the oculomotor nerve lies superior to the trochlear nerve

b. the abducent nerve is medial to the internal carotid 

c. the maxillary division of the trigeminal lies below the 
    ophthalmic division of the trigeminal nerve

d. the oculomotor nerve divides into two division on the 
    lateral wall of the cavernous sinus

e. the trochlear nerve passes through the cavernous sinus 
    to enter the orbit

3. The annulus of Zinn (common tendinous ring) is attached to:
a. lesser wing of the sphenoid bone

b. greater wing of the sphenoid bone

c. ethmoid bone

d. zygomatic bone

e. lacrimal bone

. 4. The lesser wing of the sphenoid bone provides attachment to
      the following muscle:
a. the levator palpebrae superioris

b. the superior oblique muscle

c. the inferior oblique muscle

d. lateral rectus muscle

e. superior rectus muscle

5. Structures that do not enter the orbit through the annulus of Zinn 

a. nasociliary nerve

b. inferior ophthalmic vein 

c. superior ophthalmic vein

d. lacrimal nerve

e. inferior division of the oculomotor nerve

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