Test 179  (Miscellaneous)
1. Drugs that should be avoided in renal failure include: 
a. nalidixic acid
b. chloramphenicol

c. erythromycin

d. tetracycline

e. fusidic acid

2. Vancomycin:

a. is a glycopeptide

b. is produced by a fungus

c. is bacteriostatic in action

d. should not be given intravitreally due to the risk of 
    retinal necrosis

e. causes hypotension is given rapidly by intravenous route

3. In patients who are HIV positive:
a. Toxoplasma gondii causes encephalitis and brain 

b. Cryptococcus neoforman is an important cause of

c. Candida spp usually infects the oropharynx

d. Pneumocystic carnii is an important cause of 

e. multiple recurrent Molluscum contagiosum of the face 
   is common

. 4. The following are correct:
a. sterilization is the killing of all organisms including spores

b. prior to cataract surgery, the eye is sterilized with
    chemical solution

c. disinfection does not involve the removal of the spores

d. decontamination is the removal of infective organisms 

e. decontamination can be achieved by thorough 
    scrubbing and washing

5. Sterilization can be achieved with:

a. boiling in water for 10 minutes

b. gamma irradiation

c. moist heat at 1340C for 3 minutes at 202kPa

d. ethylene chamber

e. dry heat at 150-1700C for 20-30 minutes

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