Test 177  (Ocular anatomy)
1. Edinger-Westphal nucleus: 
a. is a sympathetic nucleus
b. gives off fibres that run with the oculomotor nerve to 
    the orbit

c. receives bilateral nerve fibres from the pretectal nuclei

d. receives fibres from the cerebral cortex that mediates 
    accommodation reflex

e. contains fibres that synapse in the pterygopalatine 

2. The optic canal:

a. lies in the lesser wing of the sphenoid bone

b. connects the anterior cranial cavity with the orbit

c. is lateral to the superior orbital fissure

d. contains ophthalmic artery that lies inferior and medial
    to the optic nerve

e. transmits sympathetic nerves that innervate the eyeball

3. The following are normal ageing changes in the cornea:
a. Hassall-Henle bodies

b. Ferry's line

c. decreased transparency of the cornea

d. increased thickness of the Descemet's membrane

e. Hudson-Stähli's line

. 4. Deposit found in the Descemet's membrane include:
a. Fleischer's ring

b. Kayser-Fleischer's ring

c. band keratopathy

d. arcus senilis

e. Stocker's line

5. On looking to the left, there is an increased contraction of the 
    following muscles:

a. the right inferior oblique 

b. the right medial rectus 

c. the left medial rectus

d. the right superior rectus 

e. the left inferior rectus

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