Test 176  (General physiology)
1. Vasodilatation occurs in: 
a. increased lactate concentration.
b. decreased in skin temperature

c. increased hydrogen ions concentration

d. increased in potassium concentration

e. reduced oxygen tension

2. The effects of stress include:

a. increased testosterone secretion

b. decreased insulin secretion

c. increased prolactin secretion

d. increased ADH secretion

e. increased glucagon secretion

3. Hyperventilation:
a. decreases cerebral blood flow

b. increases ionized calcium concentration in the serum

c. causes hypocapnia

d. causes metabolic alkalosis

e. increases cardiac output

. 4. Pain from local anaesthesia injection can be reduced by:
a. warming the local anaesthetic

b. quick injection

c. using a needle with a small bore

d. adding sodium bicarbonate in the local anaesthetic

e. adding hyaluronidase

5. The following solutions are isotonic (same osmolarity as the plasma):

a. Harman's solution

b. 0.9% saline

c. 10% mannitol

d. 5% glucose

e. 4% glucose and 0.18% saline

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