Test 175 (Miscellaneous)
1. Amyloid: 
a. is a a-pleated sheet structure protein.
b. can occur from overproduction of immunoglobulin light 

c. is found within the cellular cytoplasm

d. can occur in the vitreous in the absence of systemic 

e. is the structure found in lattice dystrophy of the cornea

2. Cytokines include:

a. interleukins

b. interferon

c. arachidonic acid

d. tumour necrosis factor

e. bradykinin

3. The following are true about tumour suppressor genes:
a. they encode proteins that positively regulate cell growth

b. P53 is a tumour suppressor gene found on 
    chromosome 17

c. P53 triggers apoptosis and cell cycle arrest

d. RB1 is a tumour suppressor gene located on 
    chromosome 13

e. they function like proto-oncogenes

. 4. The following topical medications are contraindicated in iritis
a. pilocarpine

b. atropine

c. latanoprost

d. b-blockers

e. acetazolamide

5. With regard to valaciclovir:

a. it is the L-valine ester prodrug of acyclovir

b. it is absorbed than acyclovir from the gut

c. it is less effective than acyclovir in the treatment
    of herpes zoster ophthalmicus

d. it causes DNA chain termination in herpes virus

e. it is effective in treating adenoviral keratitis

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