Test 170  (MRCS Questions, 2003)
1. True statements about Bruch's membrane:
 a. it has five well defined layers

 b. it is penetrated by the choriocapillaries

 c. it is 2-4 mm thick

 d. it is secreted by the RPE

 e. it is absent at the fovea

2. The trochlear nerve:
a. is vulnerable to head injury

b. passes between the posterior cerebral and the superior 
    cerebellar arteries

c. crosses within the anterior medullary vellum

d. lies in the lateral wall of the cavernous sinus

e. innervates the superior oblique muscle on its inferior 

3. The following arteries make up the Circle of Willis:
a. the anterior communicating artery 

b. the internal carotid artery

c. the posterior cerebral artery 

d. the basilar artery

e. anterior cerebral artery

4. The following structure arise from surface ectoderm:

a. conjunctival epithelium

b. lens

c. meninges

d. lacrimal gland

e. sclera

5. The lens zonules:

 a. comprises of collagen type II and to a lesser extent 
     type IV

 b. are attached to the lens 2 mm anterior to the equator

c. are attached to the valley areas of the ciliary processes

d. contain a high amount of the protein cystein

e. are produced by the pars plicata of the ciliary epithelium

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