Test 169  (MRCS Questions, 2003)
1. The following statements about tuberculosis are true: 
a. caseous necrosis is only seen in primary lesions

b. Langhans cell presence is a must for histological 

c. viable bacteria may be found in calcified lesions. 

d. BCG may be given to neonates

e. the bacteria appear blue with acid fast staining

2. The following are not seen in sarcoidosis:
a. epitheloid cells

b. caseation

c. asteroid bodies

d. Schaumann bodies

e. Touton's cells

3. The following are first line treatment for postoperative endophtalmitis:
a. subconjunctival gentamicin

b. intravitreal amikacin

c. intravenous ciprofloxacin

d. intravitreal vancomycin

e. oral steroid

. 4. The following are true about the needles used in ophthalmic 
a. round body needle: corneal transplant

b. reverse cutting: strabismus surgery

c. half-circle needle: suturing of posterior flap in DCR

d. spatulated needle: skin laceration

e. round body needle: iris repair 

5. Echothiophate:

a. is a muscarinic blocker

b. increases accommodation

c. causes iris cysts

d. lower intraocular pressure by surpassing aqueous

e. prolongs the action of succinylcholine

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