Test 168  (General physiology)
1. Antidiuretic hormone:
a. decreases the osmolarity of urine

b. decreases the volume of urine

c. increases the reabsorption of water in the proximal 

d. is synthesized in the posterior pituitary gland

e. is secreted as part of the stress response


2. Insulin secretion:
a. is inhibited by atropine

b. is increased by vagal stimulation

c. is inhibited by amino acids

d. is stimulated by beta agonists

e. is greater with intravenous glucose than oral glucose

3. Prolactin secretion:
a. is higher in female than male

b. is inhibited by dopamine

c. is increased in patients taking phenothiazines

d. is maximal at night time

e. if excessive causes amenorrhea

. 4. Melatonin: 
a. is secreted by pineal body

b. secretion is highest at night

c. secretion is inhibited by light

d. suppresses gonadal function

e. is a hypnotic when given orally

5. Cortisol:

a. increases the circulating lymphocytes

b. increases the circulating eosinophils

c. decreases the production of prostaglandins 

d. inhibits the production of fibroblasts

e. increases the effect of glucagon 

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