Test 166  (Ocular pharmacology )
1. Steroid-induced ocular hypertension:
a. is rare if topical steroid is used for less than 2 weeks

b. is reversible if steroid use is less than one year

c. does not occur if the pressure is normal after 6
    weeks of steroid use

d. is dependent on the potency of the steroid used

e. is commoner with 1% prednisolone than 0.1% 


2. Ocular drug penetration is increased if the topical eyedrop:
a. has a pH higher than 7.4

b. causes reflex tearing

c. contains preservative

d. contains high-viscosity substances

e. contains liposomes

3. The following are true about intracameral drug administration:
a. intracameral injection of local anaesthetic can be used
    during cataract surgery 

b. use of lignocaine containing preservatives should be

c. intracameral acetylcholine causes miosis

d. intracameral carbachol causes miosis

e. intracameral antibiotic is the treatment of choice in
    post-operative infective endophthalmitis


4. Latanoprost:

a. is a prodrug

b. is hydrolysed by esterase within the cornea

c. increases the number of melanocytes

d. causes cystoid macular oedema

e. causes reactivation of herpetic keratitis


5. The systemic side effects of pilocarpine include:
a. constipation

b. excessive sweating

c. urinary urgency

d. bronchial spasm

e. dry mouth 

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