Test 165  (Ocular anatomy )
1. The following are true about the oculomotor nuclear complex:
a. the levator muscles are supplied by a central caudal 

b. the nucleus for each superior rectus supplies the 
    contralateral muscle

c. the nucleus for each medial rectus supplies the 
    ipsilateral muscle

d. the nucleus for each inferior rectus supplies the 
    contralateral muscle

e. the Edinger-Westphal nucleus is located in the 
    ventromedial region


2. With regard to trochlear nerve:
a. it contains the least number of nerve fibres of all 
    cranial nerves

b. the nucleus is situated dorsal to the aqueduct 
    of Sylvius

c. the nucleus is bounded ventrolaterally by 
    the medial longitudinal fasciculus

d. it is the only motor nerve that exits dorsally from 
    the nervous system

e. it is sensitive to retrobulbar anaesthesia

3. The facial nerve:
a.  contains only motor nerves

b. is important for tear production

c. divides into five branches after emerging from the 
    parotid gland

d. is important for normal blinking reflexes

e. innervates the orbicularis oculi via its zygomatic 
    and temporal branches


4. The nucleus of abducent nerve:

a. lies at the floor of the fourth ventricle

b. gives off fibres that loop around the nucleus of 
    seventh nerve before leaving the central nervous system

c. gives off fibres that pass through the paramedian 
    pontine reticular formation

d. lies lateral to the medial longitudinal fasciculus

e. contains only motor component  


5. A left fourth nerve palsy causes:
a. head tilt to the left

b. left ocular hypodeviation in the primary position

c. left ocular hyperdeviation on right gaze

d. increased diplopia with head tilt to the right

e. torsional diplopia 

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