Test 163  (Genetics )
1. The following conditions are caused by nondisjunction:
a. phenylketonuria

b. sickle cell disease

c. Down's syndrome

d. Patau's syndrome

e. Edward's syndrome


2. The following are true about Turner's syndrome:
a. the patient may be male or female

b. the condition is usually caused by maternal X chromosomal nondisjunction 

c. the incidence of X-linked colour blindness amongst Turner patients is the same as the normal male population

d. it is associated with cataract

e. peripheral retinal pigmentation is a feature

3. Karyotype can be obtained from:
a. sperms

b. chorionic villi

c. retinoblastoma cells

d. red blood cells

e. bone marrow cells


4. The following definitions are correct:

a. syntheny: presence of genes on the same chromosome

b. isochromosome: chromosomes which are identical to each other

c. heteroplasmy: presence of two or more different 
    populations of mitochondria within a cell

d. genoscopy: similar genotypes that manifest as different 

e. autosome: 23 pairs in normal human beings


5. The following techniques are used to directly identify DNA:
a. Western blotting

b. Southern blotting

c. Northern blotting

d. polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

e. denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis

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