Test 160  (Ocular pathology )
1. The following are classifications used for choroidal melanoma:
a. Callender classification

b. Scheffer classification

c. Zimmer classification

d. Reese Ellsworth classification

e. Scheie classification


2. Trouton's giant cells are seen in:
a. sarcoidosis

b. liposarcoma

c. chalazion

d. Erdheim Chester disease 

e. juvenile xanthogranuloma

3. The matching of the following are correct:
a. Rosenthal fibre: meningioma

b. Psamomma body: glioma

c. asteroid body: sarcoidosis

d. Verocay body: neurilemmoma

e. Cowdry type A body: cells infected with
    herpes simplex virus


4. Flexner-Wintersteiner rosettes occur in:

a. retinoblastoma

b. pinealoma

c. neuroblastoma

d. medulloepithelioma 

e. choroidal melanoma


5. Intraocular cartilage occurs in:
a. dictyoma

b. phthisis bulbi

c. age-related macular degeneration

d. optic disc drusen

e. trisomy 13

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