Test 156  ( Neurophysiology)
1. The effect of stellate ganglion block include:
a. anhydrosis

b. dilated conjunctival vessels

c. ptosis

d. dilated pupil

e. nasal congestion


2. Parasympathetic ganglia include:
a. Gasserian ganglion

b. otic ganglion

c. stellate ganglion

d. celiac ganglion

e. ciliary ganglion

3. With regard to knee jerk:
a. it is a monosynaptic reflex

b. the impulse travels via type Ia afferent fibres

c. the Golgi body is an important component

d. the stimulus begins in the tendon

e. the response is contraction of the quadricep femoris 


4. In myasthenia gravis:
a. the vertical muscles of the eye are more commonly 
    involved than the horizontal muscles

b. the pupil reaction to light is sluggish

c. absent antibody to acetylcholine receptors exclude the 

d. Cogan's twitch refers to involuntary twitching of the 

e. the tendon reflexes are normal


5. Relative afferent pupillary defect is seen in:
a. age-related macular degeneration

b. optic nerve glioma

c. unilateral occipital lobe infarction

d. third nerve palsy

e. lesion of the ciliary ganglion

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