Test 153  (Pharmacology )
1. Protein binding is affected by:
a. pregnancy

b. pH

c. liver disease

d. renal disease

e. age of the patients

2. Atropine:
a. inhibits the eccrine sweat glands

b. reverses the miosis caused by opioids

c. causes hyperpyrexia in overdose

d. crosses the blood brain barrier readily

e. is more sedative than hyoscine

3. Nitric oxide:
a. forms toxic gases when combined with oxygen

b. inhibits platelet aggregation

c. is rapidly inactivated by haemoglobin when it enters the 

d. causes pulmonary vasodilatation

e. is also known as endothelium relaxing factor

4. The following muscarinic agonists are structurally related 
a. pilocarpine

b. carbachol

c. methacholine

d. arecoline

e. aceclidine


5. The effects of muscarinic agonists include:
a. reduced intraocular pressure

b. reduced aqueous production

c. accommodative myopia

d. increased lacrimation

e. contraction of the pupillary sphincter muscle

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