Test 152  (Microbiology )
1. The following staphylococci are coagulase positive:
a. S. aureus

b. S. epidermidis

c. S. intermedius

d. S. hyicus

e. S. haemolyticus


2. True statements about Staphylococcus include:
a. they belong to the bacterial family Micrococcaceae

b. only coagulase positive species cause human diseases

c. they are oxidase negative

d. they are all catalase positive

e. the cells are about 1 micrometer in diameter 

3. The following are true about Staphylococus aureus:

a. under microscope they appears as diplococci

b. they form yellow colony

c. they are found in the nasal passage of normal population

d. they cause haemolysis on blood agar

e. they are often coagulase positive

4. True statements about Staphylococcus epidermidis:

a. they form white colony

b. they cause haemolysis on blood agar

c. they form the normal flora on human skin

d. they are often coagulase positive

e. in hospital environment, they can become pathogen


5. The following features can distinguish Staphylococcus from 
a. Staphylococcus is Gram positive whereas 
    Streptococcus is Gram negative

b. Staphylococcus has round cell whereas Streptococcus 
    has slightly oblong cell.

c. Staphylococcus is catalase positive whereas 
    Streptococcus is catalase negative

d. Staphylococcus appears as clusters under microscope 
    whereas Streptococcus appears as long chain

e. Staphylococcus divides in two planes whereas 
    Streptococcus divides in one plane only

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