Test 151  (Ocular anatomy )
1. The lacrimal sac:
a. is posterior to the orbital septum

b. is surrounded by orbital fat

c. contains fundus which is situated above the common 

d. is weaker below than above the medial canthal tendon

e. is widest where common canaliculus enters the sac 

2. The following are true above the nasolacrimal duct:

a. it opens into the nose on the anterior part of the lateral 
    wall in the inferior meatus

b. it has a thicker wall than the lacrimal sac

c. it contains a venous plexus along two-third of its length

d. it has an anterior posterior orientation of about 15 

e. it contains valve of Krause at its opening into the 
    nasal cavity

3. The nasolacrimal duct is covered by the following bones:

a. medial turbinate

b. inferior turbinate

c. maxillary bone

d. lacrimal bone

e. ethmoid bone

4. True statements about the turbinates include

a. the inferior turbinate is the largest turbinate

b. the hiatus semiluaris is covered by the middle turbinate

c. the sphenoid sinus drains into the nasal cavity lateral to 
    the superior turbinate

d. the middle turbinate is part of the ethmoid bone

e. the sphenopalatine artery enters the nose at the 
    posterior end of the middle turbinate 


5. The following sinuses drain into the infundibulum:
a. posterior ethmoid sinus

b. anterior ethmoid sinus

c. frontal sinus

d. maxillary sinus

e. lacrimal sinus

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