Test 150  (Ocular questions)
1. The following immunoglobulins are found in tear:
a. Ig A

b. Ig D

c. Ig M 

d. Ig G

e. Ig E

2. The following HLA typings are associated with dry eyes:

a. HLA-B27

b. HLA-A29

c. HLA-DR3

d. HLA-DR4

e. HLA-B51

3. The following are true about corneal sensation:

a. decreased corneal sensation is a cause of dry eye

b. corneal sensation decreases with age

c. photorefractive surgery decreases corneal sensation

d. topical b-blocker decreases corneal sensation

e. atropine decreases corneal sensation

4. The following are true:

a. the normal rate of blinking is 5 per minute

b. blinking spreads the lipid layer over the tear film

c. the tear film is stable for about 10 seconds
    in the majority of normal population

d. fluorescence decreases the stability of tear film

e. rupture of tear film at 6 seconds is diagnostic of 
    dry eye


5. Increased tear osmolarity occurs in:
a. decreased corneal sensation

b. increased palpebral fissure width

c. meibomitis

d. punctal stenosis

e. ocular cicatricial pemphigoid

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