Test 149  (Pharmacology)
1. The following are alkylating agents:
a. azathioprine

b. methotrexate

c. cyclosporine 

d. cyclophosphamide

e. chlorambucil

2. Drugs effective against CMV retinitis include:

a. acyclovir

b. cidofovir

c. fomivirsen sodium

d. rifabutin

e. sulphonamides

3. Regarding brimonidine:

a. it is an a1 adrenergic antagonist

b. it increases uveoscleral outflow

c. tachyphylaxis is a common problem with long-term use

d. it is more effective than b1 antagonist in lowering 
    intraocular pressure

e. it causes apnea in infants

4. The following are true about latanoprost :

a. it can reduce the intraocular pressure by 38% with 
    once-daily dosing

b. twice-daily dosing is less effective than once-daily 
    dosing in lowering the intraocular pressures

c. it increases the thickness of the eyelashes

d. it causes reactivation of ocular herpes simplex

e. it increases the number of melanocytes in iris


5. The pairing of the following drugs and their side-effects are correct:
a. rifabutin - uveitis

b. clindamycin - pernicious anaemia

c. cyclosporin - bone marrow suppression

d. methotrexate -hepatic fibrosis

e. cyclophosphamide - bladder carcinoma

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