Test 148  (MRCS MCQs, 2002)
1. Descemetís membrane:
a. stains positive with PAS

b. becomes thinner with age

c. contains a banded posterior region and a non-banded 
    anterior region 

d. is made up mainly of type II collagen

e. terminates at the limbus

2. The following nerves enter the orbit outside the tendinous ring:

a. frontal nerve

b. nasociliary nerve

c. oculomotor nerve

d. trochlear nerve

e. lacrimal nerve

3. The following is true about trochlear nerve:

a. its nucleus is situated in the inferior colliculus

b. lesion in the nucleus causes contralateral superior 
    oblique palsy

c. is vunerable to damage in head injuries

d. is situated below the oculomotor nerve in the 
    cavernous sinus

e. it passes between the posterior cerebral artery 
    and the superior cerebellar artery

4. The inferior oblique muscle :

a. arises from the lateral orbital floor

b. runs below the inferior rectus

c. runs posteriorly to insert to the sclera near the macula

d. has the shortest tendon of all extraocular muscle

e. is supplied by the inferior division of the third cranial 


5. The sphenoid sinus:
a. is separated by a bony division

b. is narrowest in the anteroposterior dimension

c. may completely surrounds the optic nerve as it passes
    through the sinus

d. has the thinnest wall inferiorly

e. is situated posterior to the sella turcica

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