Test 147  (Ocular pharmacology)
1. The following are mast cell stabilizers:
a. disodium cromoglycate

b. prednisolone

c. lodoxamide

d. antazoline

e. pheniramine

2. The effects of prostaglandins on the eye include:

a. increased trabecular outflow of the aqueous

b. disruption of the ocular blood barriers

c. mydriasis

d. vasoconstriction

e. increased vascular permeability

3. The effects of histamines on the eye include:

a. increasing mucous production

b. decreasing prostaglandin synthesis

c. provoking smooth muscle spasm

d. dilating the conjunctival capillaries

e. chemotactic effect on eosinophils

4. The following are chemicals found in local anaesthetics:

a. ketones

b. esters

c. amides

d. ethers

e. nitrous oxide


5. Supersensitivity of receptors occurs in the following situation:
a. Adie's pupil

b. Horner's syndrome with lesion of the first order neuron

c. Horner's syndrome with lesion of the third order neuron

d. patients on topical guanethidine

e. Argyll-Robertson's pupils

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