Test 142  (Genetics)
1. DNA:
a. is found in herpes virus

b. is found in the nucleosomes

c. is found outside the cell nucleus

d. is replicated in the S phase of the cell cycle

e. duplicates simultaneously in all chromosomes

2. The following are true about mitochondria:

a. they are the main site of protein synthesis 

b. they have DNA arranged in circles

c. the inner membrane contains the enzymes needed 
    for Kreb's cycle

d. they contain a bilayer membrane

e. they contain DNA which are inherited exclusively 
    from the mother

3. Heterochromatin:

a. contains a highly repetitive sequence of DNA

b. is the inert segment of the chromosome adjacent 
    to the centromere

c. may be lost without harmful effect in Robertsonian 

d. is tightly coiled during the interphase 

e. makes up the p arm of the acrocentric chromosomes

4. Increase number of chromosomes occur in:

a. Turner's syndrome

b. fragile-X syndrome

c. Down's syndrome

d. Klinefelter's syndrome

e. Retinoblastoma

5. The following are true:

a. mRNA can be detected with Southern blotting

b. DNA can be detected with Northern blotting

c. restriction endonucleases cut the DNA into 
    lengths of about 20 nucleotide base sequences

d. restriction fragment length polymorphism occurs
    mainly in the coding region of the DNA

e. polymerase chain reaction requires the use of 
    DNA polymerase 

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