Test 140  (Pharmacology)
1. Pupil dilatation occurs with:
a. neostigmine

b. cocaine

c. atenolol

d. codeine

e. ganglion blocker

2. Vitamin B12 deficiency causes:

a. optic atrophy

b. papilloedema

c. centrocecal scotoma

d. loss of position sense

e. microcytic anaemia

3. The effect of glucagon include:

a. ketogenesis

b. glycogenolysis

c. gluconeogenesis

d. lypolysis

e. positive inotropic effect

4. Cytochrome P450 is:

a. involves in phase I metabolic reactions

b. found in lysosomes

c. found in hepatocytes

d. found in mitochondria

e. induced in patient taking cimetidine

5. Balance salt solution (BSS) used in cataract surgery contains:

a. mannitol

b. calcium chloride

c. magnesium chloride

d. acetate

e. vancomycin

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