Test 138  (Pathology)
1. Regarding the genetics of tumour:
a. the retinoblastoma gene is an oncogene

b. embryos that are homozygous for mutate 
    retinoblastoma genes can not develop to term

c. retinoblastoma is associated with bone tumour

d. bilateral retinoblastoma is often caused by somatic 

e. p53 gene prevents neoplasia

2. Macrophages

a. are derived from blood monocytes

b. have a longer life span than neutrophils

c. can harbour viable organisms

d. involves in the delayed hypersensitivity response

e. produce cytokines

3. The following are true about multinucleate giant cells:

a. they are formed by the fusion of macrophages

b. they have increased phagocytic activity compared with macrophages

c. Langerhan's cells are seen in tuberculosis

d. foreign-body giant cells have nuclei scattered throughout the cytoplasm

e. Touton giant cells have clear cytoplasm

4. Factors predisposing to venous thrombosis include:

a. thryombocytopenia

b. polycythaemia

c. dehydration

d. thrombophlebitis

e. paraproteinaemia

5. Oxygen-dependent killing mechanisms found in neutrophils include:

a. lactoferrin

b. myeloperoxidase

c. hydrogen peroxide

d. histamine

e. lysosomal proteolysis

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