Test 136  (Neuroanatomy)
1.  The hypothalamus:
a. forms part of the mid-brain

b. forms part of the roof of the third ventricle

c. is responsible for temperature regulation

d. contains the tuber cinerueum

e. has nerve connections with the anterior lobe of the 
    pituitary gland

2. The human pituitary gland:

a. lies in the hypophyseal fossa of the sphenoid bone

b. derives its blood supply from the circle of Willis

c. is entirely ectodermal in origin

d. has independent vascular systems for the anterior and
    posterior lobe

e. has neural connections with the pineal body

3. The following hormones are secreted by the posterior pituitary 

a. TSH

b. growth hormone

c. oxytocin

d. antidiuretic hormone

e. prolactin

4. The adult spinal cord:

a. extends to the sacrum

b. contains a central canal

c. is composed entirely of grey matter

d. has a spinal ganglion in each dorsal nerve root

e. is covered by three protective membranes

5. The pituitary gland :

a. is situated above the optic nerve in the majority 
    of patients

b. if  enlarged with adenoma can cause bitemporal 
    hemianopia which is often larger superiorly than 

c. has a portal circulation

d. contains pars nervosa in the anterior lobe

e. increases in size during pregnancy 

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