Test 135  (Ocular anatomy)
1.  The sympathetic nerve supply to the lacrimal gland travels through 
      the following nerves:
a. deep petrosal nerve

b. greater petrosal nerve

c. maxillary nerve

d. zygomaticotemporal nerve

e. pterygopalatine ganglion 

2. True statements about the superior oblique muscle include:

a. it originates at the lesser wing of the sphenoid bone

b. it is innervated by the fourth cranial nerve on its upper 

c. the muscle turns tendinous before entering the trochlea

d. it passes beneath the superior rectus muscle to insert 
    onto the globe

e. it inserts on the globe at 450 to the visual axis 

3. The following are the action of superior oblique muscle: 

a. extortion

b. depression

c. adduction

d. elevation

e. intortion

4. The frontal nerve:

a. is the largest branch of the ophthalmic nerve

b. enters the orbit via the superior orbital fissure

c. gives rise to terminal branches before within the 

d. supplies the lacrimal gland

e. supplies the skin at the tip of the nose

5. The lacrimal caruncle :

a. contains colourless hair

b. contains accessory lacrimal glands

c. is supplied by the superior medial palpebral arteries

d. is innervated by the supratrochlear nerve

e. is drained by the lymphatic drainage into the 
    submandibular gland

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