Test 134  (Pathology)
1.  The following are used in grading a tumour:
a. mitotic index

b. necrosis

c. differentiation

d. nodal spread

e. calcification

2. The following changes in the arterioles occurs in benign 

a. narrowing of the vessel lumen

b. hyaline wall thickening

c. thickening of muscular media

d. fibrinoid necrosis

e. fibroelastic thickening of the intima

3. TNFa (tumour necrosis factor alpha): 

a. is produced by T lymphocytes

b. acts on the hypothalamus to produce fever

c. has an antiviral effect

d. causes hypertension

e. causes hypercoagulability

4. Epstein-Barr virus is implicated in the following cancer:

a. Burkitt's lymphoma

b. B cell lymphoma

c. Kaposi's sarcoma

d. T-cell leukaemia

e. nasopharyngeal carcinoma

5. Hard exudate in the retina :

a. is diagnostic of diabetes mellitus

b. is confined to the macula

c. is made up of lipid rich accumulation of plasma 

d. is located in the outer plexiform layer

e. can be removed with argon laser therapy

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