Test 130  (Pathology)
1.  Absorbable sutures include:
a. silk

b. catgut

c. polyamide

d. polydioxanone

e. polyglactin

2. Neurofibromatosis:

a. is associated with bilateral acoustic neuroma 

b. is inherited in an autosomal dominant fashion

c. causes pulsatile exophthalmos

d. has no malignant potential

e. is associated with paroxysmal hypertension

3. The following promotes wound healing:

a. macrophages

b. myofibroblast

c. platelets

d. endothelial cells

e. apocrine cells

4. Sterilization by steam:

a. does not kill spores

b. occurs at a higher temperature than dry heat 

c. takes a longer time than dry heat

d. is ideal for sterilizing ointments

e. occurs at supra-atmospheric pressure

5. Regarding malignant melanoma:

a. is staged using the Clarke's level

b. carries good prognosis if the thickness is less than 
    1.00 mm deep

c. superficial spreading is the most common type

d. is associated with ultraviolet light exposure

e. systemic spread can be treated with BCG 

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