Test 128  (Pathology)
1.  The following stages are involved in leukocyte movement into a site 
      of inflammation:
a. division

b. adhesion

c. phagocytosis

d. rolling

e. migration

2. The following are adhesion molecules found on the the endothelial 
    cell surface:

a. selectins

b. cytokines

c. integrins

d. vascular cell adhesion molecule 1

e. CD 54

3. The following are true about the migration of leukocyte into the site 
    of inflammation:

a. involves the formation of pseudopodium made up of 
    peripheral cytoplasm

b. adhesion is necessary before migration can occur

c. involves actin filaments

d. cytochalasin inhibits leukocyte migration

e. in the case of macrophages involves ruffling

4. The following mediators of acute inflammation are derived from the 

a. complement

b. kinin

c. histamine

d. leukotriene

e. cytokines

5. Interleukin-1 (IL-1):

a. are derived mainly from the neutrophils

b. produces necrosis of tumour cell

c. increases the expression fo MHC-coded proteins

d. upregulates adhesion molecule

e. induces fever

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