Test 127 (Miscellaneous)
1.  Lasers used in medicine include:
a. sodium

b. argon

c. carbon dioxide

d. helium

e. neodymium-YAG (yttrium aluminium garnet)

2. The following are true about bipolar diathermy:
a. it must always be earthed

b. it should never be used in patients with pacemakers

c. it produces current with a frequency of greater than 

d. it relies on generation of heat energy from electrical 

e. it produces more heat energy than unipolar diathermy


3. On tilting a patient from supine to vertical position:
a. renin secretion is increased

b. the cerebral vascular resistance is reduced

c. cardiac output is reduced

d. the cerebral blood flow is reduced

e. tachycardia occurs


4. The following are true about tight junction:
a. it forms a barrier to water

b. it is found in the blood-aqueous barrier of the ciliary 

c. it is found in the blood-retinal barrier at the apex of the 
    retinal pigment epithelium

d. it is made up of connexons

e. it contains the intracellular protein cingulin


5. EOG (electrooculogram):
a. measures the electrical potential between the front 
    and the back of the eye

b. has a resting potential of 4 mV

c. is abnormal in optic nerve disease

d. is abnormal in Best's disease even before the onset
    of visual symptoms

e. can be measured using the Arden Index which is the 
    ratio of dark trough to light rise.

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