Test 124 (Ocular pharmacology)
1. The following eye drops causes cycloplegia: 
a. tropicamide

b. cyclopentolate

c. phenylephrine 

d. atropine

e. pilocarpine

2. True statement about fluorescein include:
a. bottled fluorescein is easily contaminated

b. it stains soft contact lens

c. the fluorescence property of fluorescein dye increases
    with increased pH up to a maximum of 8

d. in the presence of topical anaesthetic the fluorescence 
    property of fluorescein dye is increased

e. it stained dead or devitalised cells

3. Preservatives found in topical ophthalmic agents include:
a. thiomersal

b. chlorhexidine

c. sorbic acid

d. benzalkonium chloride

e. nystatin

4. The following are non-selective b-blocker:
a. betaxolol

b. carteolol

c. timolol

d. levobunolol

e. metipranolol

5. Papilloedema can be caused by :

a. tetracycline

b. vitamin A

c. prednisolone

d. isoniazid

e. chloramphenicol

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