Test 121  (Physiology)
1. Smooth muscle: 
a. has a longer action potential than skeletal muscle

b. has a longer action potential than cardiac muscle

c. contains pacemaker cells

d. contains bridges between cells

e. contains no sarcomeres

2. Vagal stimulation increases
a. insulin secretion

b. gastric acid secretion

c. bronchodilatation

d. upper lid retraction

e. bile production

3. The cerebrospinal fluid:
a. is produced by the arachnoid villi

b. production is largely independent of the intracranial 

c. has a potassium concentration similar to that of 
    the serum

d. contains polyclonal banding in multiple sclerosis

e. contains increased protein concentration in 
    Guillain-Barre's syndrome.

4. The following are true about lateral geniculate nuclei:
a. layers 1 and 2 are involved in magnocellular pathway

b. layers 3 to 6 contain synapses from Y cells

c. layers 2, 3 and 5 receives fibres from the ipsilateral eye 

d. receive nerve fibres carrying light reflexes

e. fibres from the upper quadrant of peripheral retina
    synapse on the medial aspect of the nuclei

5. Lesions in the following regions can give rise to 
    light-near dissociation:

a. ciliary ganglion

b. optic nerve

c. Edinger-Westphal nucleus

d. occipital cortex

e. pineal region

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