Test 119  (Pharmacology)
1. Gentamicin: 
a. is poorly soluble in lipid and therefore needs to be 
   given parenterally

b. is excreted exclusively by the kidneys

c. inhibits presynaptic acetylcholine release

d. stabilizes the post-synaptic membrane at the 
    neuromuscular junction

e. inhibits cell wall synthesis of bacteria

2. Edrophonium:
a. inhibits the action of cholinesterase in the 
    neuromuscular junction

b. inhibits plasma cholinesterase

c. has little effect if given orally

d. is used in the diagnosis of myasthenia gravis

e. causes bradycardia

3. Compared with bupivacaine, lignocaine:
a. is more extensively protein bound

b. is more potent

c. has a lower molecular weight

d. is less lipid soluble

e. has a higher pKa

4. Mannitol:
a. is an alcohol

b. is poorly absorbed from the gut

c. is used in the treatment of cerebral oedema

d. is completely filtered at the renal glomeruli and not 
    reabsorbed from the renal tubule

e. increases urinary excretion of water, sodium and 

5. Vancomycin:

a. inhibits bacteria DNA synthesis

b. is effective against Gram negative aerobic organisms

c. is well absorbed from the gut

d. gives rise to hypotension if given too rapidly

e. stimulates the release of histamine

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