Test 118  (General physiology)
1. Thyroid hormone: 
a. increases the absorption of carbohydrate from the 

b. exerts a negative feedback action on TSH production

c. increases the concentration of 2,3-DPG within the red 
    blood cells

d. indirectly increases the nitrogen excretion 

e. has a beta like action on the cardiac muscle

2. Aldosterone:
a. increases mRNA synthesis

b. deficiency results in hypotension

c. increases sodium reabsorption from sweat

d. release is stimulated by an increase in angiotensin II

e. is secreted by the zona glomerulosa

3. Insulin:
a. has a half-lilfe of 60 minutes

b. stimulate glycolysis in liver and muscle

c. stimulate lipogenesis in liver and fat tissues

d. is synthesized in the endoplasmic reticulum of 
    the b cells

e. receptors are decreased in the presence of uraemia

4. Calcitonin:
a. is a steroid hormone

b. is produced by the parafollicular cells within the thyroid 

c. is increased in the presence of hypercalcaemia

d. inhibits osteoclast activity

e. increases incorporation of calcium into bone matrix

5. Parathyroid hormone:

a. is a peptide hormone

b. is released in response to hypocalcaemia

c. increases phosphate reabsorption in the kidneys

d. increases calcium excretion in the kidneys

e. indirectly increases the calcium absorption from the gut

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