Test 116  (Ocular pharmacology)
1. The effects of direct-acting cholinergic agonists include: 
a. mydriasis

b. decrease in zonular tension

c. traction on peripheral retina

d. increase the depth of focus

e. increased outflow facility

2. The following are true about the effects of topical adrenaline:
a. conjunctival fibrosis

b. melanosis of the conjunctiva

c. loss of effectiveness over time

d. reversible cystoid macular oedema in aphakes

e. reactive hyperaemia

3. The effects of apraclonidine include:
a. conjunctival blanching

b. upper lid retraction

c. dry mouth

d. mydriasis

e. sour taste

4. Ptosis occurs with the following topical medications:
a. pilocarpine

b. guanethidine

c. thymoxamine

d. carbachol

e. dorzolamide

5. The following topical medications induce a myopic shift:

a. atropine

b. physostigmine 

c. pilocarpine

d. ecothiopate

e. apraclonidine

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