Test 108   (Ocular embryology)
1. The following are true: 
a. optic pits first appear on day 13 of gestation

b. evagination of the optic vesicle occurs on day 25 of 

c. closure of optic fissure occurs on day 33 of gestation

d. closure of optic fissure occurs anteriorly and extends

e. failure of optic fissure closure results in iris and lid 

2. The pairings of the following are correct:
a. lacrimal gland - surface ectoderm

b. Schlemm's canal - mesoderm

c. choroid - mesoderm

d. retinal pigment epithelium - neural ectoderm

e. iris stroma -neural crest

3. The following results from remnants of the hyaloid vasculature 
a. Peter's anomaly

b. Bergmeister's papilla

c. persistent pupillary membrane

d. Mittendorf's dot

e. posterior lenticonus

4. With regard to myelination:
a. in the majority of people, optic nerve myelination 
    terminates at the lamina cribrosa

b. myelination of the retinal nerve fibres layer does not 
   affect the vision

c. optic nerve myelination begins at seventh month of 

d. optic nerve myelination is completed just before birth
    in full term baby

e. optic nerve myelination begins at the occipital cortex

5. The following are true:

a. retinal vascularization begins at the 4th month of 

b. the nasal peripheral retina is the last to vascularize

c. the main vitreous body is derived from the primary 

d. the hyaloid system is part of the secondary vitreous

e. the zonules are derived from the tertiary vitreous

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