Test 107   (Ocular anatomy)
1. Normal ageing changes in the cornea include: 
a. decreased translucent

b. increased thickness of the Bowman's membrane

c. increased thickness of the Descemet's membrane 

d. increased thickness of the corneal stroma

e. decreased endothelium density

2. The vitreous is strongly adherent to:
a. the optic disc

b. ora serrata

c. ciliary processes

d. fovea

e. the centre of lattice degeneration

3. The suspensory ligament:
a. is thickening fo the inferior part of the fascial sheath 
   of the eyeball

b. is synonymous with Whitnall ligament

c. receives fascial contribution from the inferior rectus 
    and the inferior oblique.

d. is attached medially to the ethmoid bone

e. is attached laterally to the zygomatic bone

4. The macula lutea:
a. measured about 1.5 mm in diameter

b. is about 3 mm lateral to the optic disc

c. contains no blood vessels

d. contains xanthophyll in the retinal pigment epithelium
    which gives it a yellowish colour

e. receives blood supply from the cilioretinal artery in
    80% of patients

5. The optic nerve:

a. is surrounded by the three meninges of the brain

b. is bathed in cerebrospinal fluid

c. receives myelination from the astrocytes

d. on average measures 40 mm in length

e. is made up of 10 million axons

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