Test 106   (Miscellaneous)
1. Drugs that are bacteriostatic include: 
a. rifampicin

b. fusidic acid

c. sulphodimidin

d. chloramphenicol

e. tetracyclines

2. With regard to iron in the human body:
a. it is stored chiefly in the bone marrow

b. 70% of iron in the body is found in the haemoglobin

c. it is transported in the body as transferrin

d. it is absorbed mainly in the ferric form

e. the liver excretes excess iron

3. The bioavailability of an orally administered drug depends on:
a. first pass metabolism

b. water solubility

c. lipid solubility

d. dose of the drug

e. presence of other drugs in the alimentary system

4. With regard to monosynaptic reflex:
a. the reflex originates and terminates in the same muscle

b. the reflex is very fast measuring about 20 milliseconds

c. knee jerk response is a monosynaptic reflex 

d. withdrawal of hand in response to pain is a 
    monosynaptic reflex

e. corneal reflex is a monosynaptic reflex

5. Interruption of the cervical sympathetic chain causes:

a. hyperhydrosis

b. poor accommodation

c. nasal mucosal engorgement

d. wasting of the small hand muscle

c. complete ptosis

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