Test 105   (ocular anatomy)
1. The optic nerve branches of the short posterior ciliary artery differ 
     from its branches in the choriocapillaris in the following ways: 
a. they are surrounded by pericytes, 

b. they lack fenestrations

c. they have tight junctions

d. they have more nerve supplies

e. they have more endothelium

2. Regarding the vortex veins:
a. they drain the venous system of the retina

b. they drain the venous system of the choroid

c. they emerge from the sclera at the equator

d. they have extensive anastomoses

e. there are on average 6 vortex vein in each eye

3. The following structures produce the aqueous component of tear
a. lacrimal gland

b. meibomian gland

c. goblet cell

d. gland of Krause

e. gland of Wolfring

4. Matching of the following are correct:
a. superior oblique muscle - longest tendon

b. inferior oblique muscle - shortest tendon

c. inferior oblique muscle - shortest muscle

d. medial rectus - largest muscle

e. lateral rectus - one anterior ciliary artery

5. The following structure(s) synpase(s) in the ciliary ganglion:

a. nasociliary nerve fibres

b. parasympathetic nerve fibres from oculomotor nerve

c. sympathetic nerve fibres from the carotid plexus

d. parasympathetic nerve fibres form the facial nerve

c. abducent nerve fibres.

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