Test 102   (neuroanatomy)

Refer to the picture above for the questions below.
1. The following are true:
a. structure 1 is part of the ethmoid bone

b. falx cerebri is attached to 1

c. structure 2 is part part of the frontal bone

d. olfactory nerves pass through 2

e. nasal branch of the ophthalmic nerve passes through 2

2. The following are true:
a. the pituitary gland rests on 5

b. 4 is the anterior clinoid process

c. groove 8 is formed by internal carotid artery

d. groove 10 is formed by the internal jugular vein

e. groove 12 is formed by transverse venous sinus

3. The following are true about 3:

a. it forms the superior border of the superior orbital 

b. it is derived from the mesoderm

c. it calcifies in membraneous.

d. if forms the border between the anterior and middle 
    cranial fossa.

e. it may be absent in type I neurofibromatosis

4. Structures that passes through 6 include:

a. middle meningeal artery

b. mandibular branch of the trigeminal nerve

c. internal carotid artery

d. sympathetic nerve 

e. facial nerve

5. Structures passing through 11 include:

a. vertebral artery

b. vagus nerve

c. glossopharyngeal nerve

d. hypoglossal nerve

c. internal jugular vein

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