Test 101   (nervous system)
1. The following reflexes are used to test brain stem death:
a. Babinski's reflexes

b. accommodation

c. gag reflex

d. vestibular-ocular reflex

e. pupillary light reflex

2. The following are true about blood-brain barrier:

a. it is permeable at birth

b. it involves tight junction between endothelial cells 
    and end feet processes of astrocytes

c. it is absent in the posterior pituitary

d. it is absent in area postrema

e. it is permeable to glucose and fat-soluble drugs

3. True statements about cerebral blood flow:

a. it is controlled mainly by the autonomic nervous system

b. cerebral arterioles constricts when the blood pressure is 

c. it is constant in the blood pressure range of 50 to 
   150 mm Hg systolic

d. hypocapnia increases the cerebral blood flow

e. the cerebral vascular responses to PaO2 are more 
    marked than those induced by PaCO2

4. Cerebrospinal fluid:

a. is produced mainly by the lateral, third and fourth 

b. enters the subarachnoid space through foramina 
    Lushka and Magendie

c. is reabsorbed mainly into the lymphatics

d. production is dependent of the blood pressure

e. has a normal pressure of 120-180mm H2O

5. Right abducent nerve palsy:

a. causes diplopia worse for distance than near

b. causes diplopia worse on right than left gaze

c. causes overaction of the left medial rectus

d. causes contracture of the right medial rectus

c. causes a V pattern esotropia

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