Test 100   (eye miscellaneous)
1. In a normal eye, the following will increase intraocular pressure:
a. respiratory obstruction

b. hypoxia

c. atropine

d. hypercarbia

e. phenylephrine

2. Retrobulbar block causes:

a. decreased lacrimation

b. papilloedema

c. raised intraocular pressure

d. proptosis

e. mydriasis

3. The following structures are blocked by retrobulbar anaesthesia:

a. short ciliary nerve

b. abducent nerve

c. facial nerve

d. mandibular nerve

e. oculomotor nerve

4. Lesion of the trigeminal nerve causes:

a. decreased blinking

b. decreased corneal sensation

c. lower lid ectropion

d. decreased reflex tear production

e. mydriasis

5. True statements about toxocariasis include:

a. it is caused by a protozoan

b. the pathogen lives in the intestines of dogs

c. human contracts the disease through ingesting the eggs

d. most patients are less than six years of age

c. bilateral ocular involvement is common in ocular 

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