........................ I am just starting an SHO post. Luckily we have a dept optometrist who has agreed to help teach me for part 2. Where should I start given that I know nothing really about refraction or optics?(I did try to read Frank & Elkington but it was very dry I thought practical experience would be better). 

- Robbie June 27, 2004 at 21:58:19

Yes, I know what you mean about Elkington. I remember when I first read it, I thought it was written in code, but persevere, as it will all soon be simple simon stuff. I also read the AAO book in optics, because at first I got so exasperated with Frank & Elkington, but it is not necessary. 

Once you have read it, even if you feel you haven't understood a word of it, do start doing some MCQs, and it will all start falling into place nicely. I would recommend Bahn's book, and it has got a section on OSCEs, which is good. 

Speaking of OSCEs, that is an important part of the exam also. While your friendly Optom can teach you refraction, they will not get you through your OSCES or MCQs. For that you need to know Elkington inside and out, diagrams and all, and you will need to spend more time with the orthoptists, getting your examination technique perfected. 

If you go through this website, you will find which examination techniques you need to know for part 2. Practice them until you slick as Rick, because exam nerves can make you do silly things, so it helps if it is all a bit on autocue, especially when they ask you "How does the focimeter work" or "Tell me the priciples behind different types of keratomers"

- Kate

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