........................ Dear GMC please take a note of this. The consultants are manipulating the system of ODTS (Overseas Doctors Training Scheme). There are so many doctors in UK trying to get into ophthalmology even then why do consultants call overseas doctors for sho posts in Ophthalmology. There are a couple of posts in Ophthalmology in the North that I know of where interviews will be/were conducted for sho posts but the jobs will/has gone to overseas doctors and that too without plab on the basis of odts. What the hell is going on and why. Why is not anyone speaking up. I think it is high time that the ROYAL COLLEGE OF OPHTHALMOLOGISTS/GMC should take a notice of this. 

-June 9, 2005 at 01:36:56 by consultants are manipulating the system-

It might interest you to know that the President of the Royal College was in Pakistan recently, recruiting for doctors to fill posts in the UK.
-They already know-

Because they know, that when MMC occurs, and 50% of the SHO posts will disappear, that someone will need to continue the service provision, and see all those thousands of patients who attend clinic, and eye casualty. 
I don't think it's an injustice, in particular, the big injustice is the way the MMC has occured and the way they are restructuring training, by chopping all the jobs. 
I honestly feel that you guys without membership, or at least part 2 are wasting your time, and should do something else. 
It seems GPs earn more than Consultants nowadays, so why not do that?
-No injustice-

Why does everyone turn this into a race issue when it is clearly not? local grads come from a variety of races and backgrounds so how can u call it racist? Basic non-arguement. 
Fact is local grads are being swamped out of their own training posts by overseas grads. Post below says 90% of applicants are overseas so what chance we got??! Basically the department of health needs to have a seriously look at whats going on? If this is how they treat us why bother having UK med schools? Close them! I can tell the PLABBERS are laughing all the way to the bank as they take all the posts! 

In my below post I commented that 90% of the applicants for our SHO rotation are from overseas. Overall the SHOs appointed over the last few years have been roughly equally divided between overseas and local graduates, the SPRs around 3/4 local graduates. 
I think that this is not unusual around the country. Some would see this as racism, but I agree the situation is more complex. Overseas candidates may be white (particularly a lot of Greek and East European candidates at present)and a lot of local graduates are non-white. Around 40% of British medical students are non white. 
Why is this? Partly, British graduates have the advantage in knowing how to work the system, and getting decent career advice. You cannot afford to mark time in a dead end post. Partly they tend to present themselves better on CV (particularly in the box ticking scoring systems used by shortlisting panels). Partly they ure more used to British social mores and interview in a better more relaxed manner. 
There is also a degree of covert racism which may be in any direction, but usually favours white people. This is less common than it used to be but still exists. Having the right melanosomes certainly helps, particularly with teaching hospitals where white consultants predominate. 
I do my best to be objective when interviewing, but any serious analysis of shortlisting and interviews reveals that panels have unconscious biases. All the more reason to pursue a Sheffield type system of more objective assessment, Hats off to Mr Nelson (see next question).
-College tutor-

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