........................ I am an sho working in a DGH. We usually rotate with a sister DGH. Although this rotation is not down in pen and paper,it is generally agreed upon by the consultants in the 2 units. as a result ,i was supposed to go to the sister unit in august.suddenly, they have given their existing sho a further extention for 6 months.since i was supposed to vacate my current post, it has been advertised in bmjcareers.all this happened suddenly and more or less at the same time.i have talked to the relevant consultants but they are unable to accomodate me now as they have promised their sho the job.apart from applying for new jobs, is there anything i can do to address the situation?it seems so unfair- stating first that i was to get the job in august and then suddenly leaving me high and dry? i am pretty hardworking and sincere (from feedbacks) and therefore my conduct or attitude is not the problem.

-June 10, 2005 at 01:34:31 by injustice-

Unless it is down in pen & paper there is nothing you can do. 
still 2 mths to go & if you are good you should get the job,plus you can request your present consultants to consider if they are happy with you.
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